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"Women in Recovery" | Recovery Uncovered | Episode 6

For the sixth episode of Recovery Uncovered, a podcast by MHAB, we're joined by two women in two different forms of recovery. Zaidee and Loretta's families have been intertwined in what they once described as a "system" for 25+ years. In the beginning, their lives were enmeshed in alcoholism and dysfunction. Embracing the disease as a catalyst for change, their families are still side by side in recovery.

Mike sits this episode out while Betsy speaks with Zaidee and Loretta (a Girl Power Girl's Hour, if you will). You are guaranteed to feel inspired by these two recovering women and their beautiful story of friendship and family, & the impact of alcoholism on them.

Watch the episode below, or listen without video on the Podcast page or on your preferred podcast platform.

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