Our Partners

We welcome partnerships with nonprofits, businesses, and government organizations because collaboration is crucial in supporting our community. Our partners provide services in life skills, education, employment, mental and physical health.

Partners on Campus


All Ways to Recovery Community Center

All Ways to Recovery is a stigma free, safe setting for individuals in recovery, their families and the community, located directly on the Life Skills Campus, so resources are totally accessible. It is operated by our partner agency Champlain Valley Family Center.


The community center is a centralized place to provide education and guidance on: accessing health care coverage, advocacy services, connection to treatment services, local health care providers, self-help programs, education and/or employment, and developing healthy leisure skills.

Online and in-person events hosted at All Ways to Recovery include music sessions, arts and crafts, yoga, daily reflections, recovery check-ins and more.


ETC Housing Corp

One of two residential buildings at the Life Skills Campus is operated in collaboration with ETC Housing Corporation, a local nonprofit specializing in shelter, support services, and homelessness advocacy. 

A member of the Clinton County Housing Coalition, ETC provides temporary housing units for Social Services and permanent housing for homeless. Additional services include financial counseling, legal and family issues and employment assistance.

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Resident Services

Mental & Physical Health

Understanding the importance of strong mental and physical health is vital to any type of recovery. We provide our MHAB residents access to a variety of mental and physical health services through many different local partner agencies. 

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Life Skills

Recovery opens up brand new opportunities in education and employment, so our MHAB residents have access to a variety of life skills services through our local partners. 

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Inpatient Treatment

We work with ​various addiction treatment centers to ensure that if an MHAB resident needs inpatient treatment, they will have access to a clinic environment with 24/7 medical and emotional support. 

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Doctor and Patient


A fresh start in recovery allows for new, stable employment opportunities. MHAB residents have access to employment advocates, including staffing agencies, weekly on campus. 

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