Hi, we're MHAB

We found a way to give people like us a chance at a fresh start. Behind MHAB is a team of real people, many in recovery themselves, that are committed to making a difference. Our story is the who, what, why, and how of our community.


Meet the Founders

One of them had a vision, and the others believed in it.

How It All Started

A community leader and business owner in recovery, Mike Carpenter knew he had a responsibility to help others. When the opportunity to build a Life Skills Campus arose, Mike was inspired by his own life experience to create MHAB. Since the MHAB dream came true, our mission has only been possible with the skills, support, and shared vision of our team and partner organizations. We all continue to work together to fight the social stigma around recovery and make experiences better for our visitors.

Mary Carpenter

Mary Carpenter began her professional career as a fourth-grade teacher and then she met Herb. Over the next three decades they built The Northeast Group from a staff of five to more than 75. When retirement proved unexciting, she embarked on a third career as the Director of Internships & Career Opportunities at SUNY Plattsburgh.

Betsy Vicencio

Adirondacks born and raised, Betsy Vicencio, found her “home” in Plattsburgh, New York on Lake Champlain with The Northeast Group and, now, MHAB.  More than fifteen years as Vice President/CFO of the family organizations, Betsy brings her passion for making things better every day.  Her unwavering dedication to the mission and values in combination with her ability to “get-it-done” provides the perfect partnership with Mike in all the business endeavors.

Mike Carpenter

Former truck driver turned CEO of our 40 year old family business, The Northeast Group, Mike Carpenter has been in recovery for more than 30 years.  He saw a need for transition from treatment or halfway house back to “normal” life, which became the seedling for the MHAB Life Skills Campus idea.  Mike wanted MHAB to be the conduit closing the gap between leaving treatment and getting into recovery.

Herb Carpenter

Board Chair Herb Carpenter was a police officer, detective and then a police chief. He established The Northeast Group in the early 1980s after his retirement from the force. He has been a serial entrepreneur and, in retirement, spent 12 years as a professor teaching Business Ethics in the School of Business & Economics at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.

AJ Rubado

A.J. Rubado grew up in Plattsburgh, not far from the MHAB campus. He is an experienced CEO and private equity investor and currently serves on a number of Boards including PetSmart/Chewy. He and his wife Amanda live in Manhattan and are expecting their first child before the end of 2020.

Our people

The team that makes MHAB real.

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Kimberly Smith

"Little Kimmy"

Director, Graphic Design


Rome, New York native Over 30 years in graphic design and printing • Find her hiking (46er #12087), snowshoeing or paddling in the ADKs with her husband and large dog • Stalk her on Facebook

Bryn Judkins

"Most Outgoing"

Web Designer & Marketer

Curator of vintage furniture, clothing, and oddities • Film buff • Would rather be hanging out with her cat • ACoA, but barely an adult

Telly Schwartz

"Panic Monkey"

Videographer & Creator


Guitarist Entrepreneur Persona non grata in his home state  Sober with a side order of RockStar addiction

Trevor Laughlin

"The Dude"

Executive Chef


Chronic bike-shedder  Might Have Addictive Behaviors (Credit to the Telstar) • Soon-to-be-grandfather (read older than dirt!) • Sober since the Bronze Age

Betsy Vicencio

"The Changemaker"

Vice President & CFO


Avid skier, hiker, and paddle boarder  Reluctant adult-onset runner • Mother of two beautiful girls  Yaya of one amazing granddaughter •  Proud parent of an addict seven years in recovery

Mike Carpenter

"MHAB Mike, Head Addict"

President & CEO

30 years sober • Believes in personal accountability in recovery • Loves golf, hockey & horse racing • Wants to forever be a "Toys-R-Us kid"

Ken Parkinson

"Head Security Guard"

Executive Director

Retired Law Enforcement • Jeep driver  Salt Life, bruh  Has seen first-hand the consequences of substance use

Frances Ingram

"Safe Space Creator"

Property Manager

Kimchee Eating, CrossFit Junkie Traveling is her happy place Graced with a spouse in recovery & sober miracle daughter, Miss Mia Grace 7 years in recovery

Jessica McCafferty

"The Shapeshifter"

Photographer & Baker

Thinks life should be colorful  Loves photography and all things art related • Spends her free time with her husband, son and 2 beautiful dogs

John Brendler

"Mr. Wikipedia"

Director, IT Infrastructure

Military veteran  Former management consultant  Gamer  Crazy driver • Recovering anxious depressive  Generally dry alcoholic

Pete Tromblee

"IT Nerd"

Chief Information Officer

Steelers, steelers, steelers –what else needs to be said?  Loves remodeling the house  Provides the most amazing internet service to our recovery campus


What, who, why and how.