Hi, we're MHAB

We found a way to give people like us a chance at a fresh start. Behind MHAB is a team of real people, many in recovery themselves, that are committed to making a difference. Our story is the who, what, why, and how of our community.


Meet the Founders

One of them had a vision, and the others believed in it.

How It All Started

A community leader and business owner in recovery, Mike Carpenter knew he had a responsibility to help others. When the opportunity to build a Life Skills Campus arose, Mike was inspired by his own life experience to create MHAB. Since the MHAB dream came true, our mission has only been possible with the skills, support, and shared vision of our team and partner organizations. We all continue to work together to fight the social stigma around recovery and make experiences better for our visitors.

Mary Carpenter
Betsy Vicencio
Mike Carpenter
Herb Carpenter
AJ Rubado

Our people

The team that makes MHAB real.

Kimberly Smith
Bryn Judkins
Telly Schwartz
Trevor Laughlin
Betsy Vicencio
Mike Carpenter
Ken Parkinson
Frances Ingram
Jessica McCafferty
John Brendler
Pete Tromblee


What, who, why and how.

  • What does MHAB do?

    MHAB started as a transitional housing opportunity. Our people are a community of caretakers, pathfinders, and changemakers that foster hope and open doors for those who come to us for guidance.

    We're people in recovery who found a way to give people like ourselves a chance at a fresh start.

  • Who is MHAB for?

    People in recovery, their family and friends, and people who advocate for recovery.

    Now, this doesn't only mean recovery from substance use disorder. Our goal is to help anyone who we can, including people in recovery from mental, emotional or behavioral disorders, domestic violence, homelessness and poverty.

  • What does "MHAB" mean?

    MHAB is an acronym: it stands for Mike-Mary-Herb-AJ-Betsy. These are the names of the people who started our community, and they all have a personal connection to the recovery community. 

    We also like to think of "MHAB" as a sort of a nickname for the Meaningful Habits Around Behavior that we model and encourage.

  • Why can I trust MHAB?

    Because we understand. Through our own experiences, we’ve developed a deeper sense of hope for people’s potential than the general public may have.

    We also work with many expert partners, including the Champlain Valley Family Center, who operate our recovery community center on campus.

  • How does MHAB work?

    We're good at identifying the strengths in people, and customizing their support.

    We lead by example and build people up so they can take a new path that's right for them. 

    We're committed to making it better for all who visit us, and want to see them succeed.

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