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Life on Life’s Terms

As I approach the 7 year mark in my sobriety journey I want to share that for me the promises of the program continue to come true in spades. My life today is richer and more full than I could have ever hoped for. Best of all, I have learned through the rooms, and the help of others how to be present in the moment. In recovery speak, I am starting to live life on life’s terms.

It wasn’t always this way. I remember in early sobriety, my first 90 days, I was angry because I felt like I controlled nothing. I wanted all of the things back that I lost: my car, my wife, my job, my self-respect! What I didn’t understand at the time was the consequences of my alcoholism, combined with the gentle suggestion of fellow members of the program, I was being equipped with the tools I still use today to handle life’s stressors. Instead of a bottle of Titos. In addition to attending meetings, early in my sobriety I found eating right and hitting the gym had an immediate positive impact on my mental and physical health. Exercise was a great way for me to blow off steam and clear my head. While I was thinking more clearly than I had in years I was having trouble channeling all of my new found energy. I still wanted to feel more incontrol.

Exercise helped fill this gap as it gave me something impactful I could control. I decided what my goals were, I created my program, it was great. For me, the combination of eating a balanced diet and sticking to a moderate fitness routine helped me make it through those all important first 90 days of new sobriety!

In my experience the program works and the promises come true. Just keep coming back!

Max W

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