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"Meet The Team" | Recovery Uncovered | Episode 14

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

While Betsy continues to enjoy the sunny weather of Aruba, Mike sits down with Bryn Judkins and Telly Schwartz, the dynamic co-producing team of Recovery Uncovered. Listen as they share their personal and professional stories!

Recovery Uncovered was named a Top Addiction Recovery podcast!

Watch the episode below, or listen without video on the Podcast page or on your preferred podcast platform.

Recovery Uncovered is informative yet hilarious, a brutally honest and surprisingly heartwarming podcast about life in recovery. Your hosts are Michael "MHAB Mike" Carpenter, 30+ years sober, and Betsy Vicencio, mother to a daughter seven years sober. Nothing is off limits – Mike and Betsy cover the highs, lows, and everything in between of what happens after you get sober. Recovery Uncovered offers two unique perspectives in addiction recovery commentary, plus Mike and Betsy welcome their friends and other exciting guests to share relatable stories or expertise about recovery.

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