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Celebrating 2 Years of MHAB!

We've been really busy building something great over the past two years. Since the first resident of MHAB Life Skills Campus moved in on February 1, 2019, MHAB has grown and evolved into a vibrant recovery community.

We'd like to thank our partners and our supporters for being there with us along this journey– let's take a look back and reflect on some MHAB milestones.

And some snapshots of our milestones:

We believe a celebration is in order. If you don't already know, the folks at MHAB have created an online marketplace where we offer original recovery apparel and other cool stuff. You can get an item free if you buy two, or use code 2YEARS at checkout for 20% off one item.

Plus, the founders of MHAB are now hosts of a brand new podcast about recovery. Mike and Betsy cover the highs, lows, and everything in between of life in sobriety- offering two unique perspectives in addiction recovery commentary. Plus, Mike and Betsy welcome their friends and other exciting guests to share relatable stories or expertise about recovery. Listen now! Or watch below:

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